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Public Benefits Outreach

MWIRD partners with faith and community based organizations to facilitate outreach to help those in need of public benefits.

Hunger Relief

MWIRD operates the Community Food Pantry @Highbridge, providing food security for community members that may be finding it difficult to feed themselves and  their families.  

Immigrant Women's Health

Many immigrant women go without proper health care, check ups and screenings.  MWIRD aims to change this by partnering with providers that can assist with medical, housing, nutritional and other concerns faced by immigrants.

HIV/AIDS Education & Referral Services

MWIRD continuously provides opportunities to increase HIV/AIDS awareness within the community.  We collaborate with other community based organizations to offer free HIV testing during select community events.

Youth Services

The youth are a major part of the community MWIRD services and are included in community-wide events.


MWIRD was the first Muslim organization award of the 2020 Count by New York City in getting the count-out. We have been working towards planning strategies to get an accurate count. staffed by three CUNY Corps workers, two outreach workers, and one member who is managing our Website and a Census Manager. We invite you to the pictures of the work that was done before the shutdown and the work that is still being done from our pantry in the hopes of getting our census numbers up here in the Bronx.


MWIRD operates the Community Food Pantry @Highbridge in the Highbridge section of the Bronx, in partnership with the Highbridge Community Church, that donates space for the MWIRD hunger relief projects.


In addition to operating the Community Food Pantry, MWIRD collaborates with other CBOs to provide nutritional education and workshops to learn about various foods and how to prepare healthy and affordable meals.

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