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The Muslim Women’s Institute for Research and Development (MWIRD) was founded in 1997 as a response to address the basic needs of new immigrants and other marginalized constituents of the Mt. Hope area of the Bronx. It served there until 2005. At that time, it relocated to the Highbridge community. The Highbridge community a large diverse immigrant community of Hispanics/Latins, Africans, Caribbean, and African Americans

In 2010 MWIRD assisted in the census. We recognized the importance of an accurate count of the much-needed services for the Highbridge Community. Unfortunately, the community was undercounted. Therefore, it was imperative for MWIRD to become involved in getting out the count for the 2020 Census. The organization was approached in 2018 to assist in gathering data in preparation for 2020. Remembering the undercount of 2010 and seeing how the community had grown over the years since the last count we knew that as a leader in the community there was a need to be addressed. MWIRD is one of the organizations in the Bronx to get the word out.

MWIRD was the first Muslim organization award of the 2020 Count by New York City in getting the count-out. We have been working towards planning strategies to get an accurate count. staffed by three CUNY Corps workers, two outreach workers, and one member who is managing our Website and a Census Manager. We invite you to the pictures of the work that was done before the shutdown and the work that is still being done from our pantry in the hopes of getting our census numbers up here in the Bronx.

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